30KW-120KW DC fast charger

30KW-120KW DC fast charger

Profile information:
30KW~120KW all-in-one DC fast charger, which is applicable for high power commercial vehicle, such as E-bus, logistics vehicle, sanitation truck and etc.
basic information
Compact DC fast charger
Product Description


Ø  7” touch screen, friendly human-machine interface

Ø  Modular system structure design, flexible system power 

     configuration with 15KW/20KW/30KW charging module

Ø  Single/Double charger plugs optional. Plugs can be working simultaneously or in alternative

Ø  Billing and prepayment system

Ø  Real time energy metering

Ø  Support ETH or wireless communication

Ø  Start, Stop and emergency buttons

Ø  Multi-protections, over temperature, battery reverse

     connection protection and etc.

Ø  IP54

Ø  Indoor/outdoor use


Technical Data
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30KW Portable DC fast charger